Permanent Makeup Benefits

Anyone who simply doesn’t want to spend the time daily putting on Makeup…wake up in makeup! Puts more hours in your day.

Tired of spending $$$on numerous cosmetics

Allergies to cosmetics/sensitive skin

Fading or lightening of brows or lips

Get the brow shape that will make you look years younger

Perfect brow shape all the time!

Lip liner make lips appear fuller, lipstick won’t feather

Loss of brow hair/Alopecia

Thinning of lashes (lash enhancement liner)

Difficulty in applying makeup i.e.. Parkinson’s, poor eyesight, unsteady hands.

Look good all the time!!!

Camouflage scars and stretch marks

Cancer patient’s areola restoration

We at Advanced Aesthetics Surgery & Laser Center believe there should be nothing standing between you and your desire to achieve a fresh new you.