Permanent Makeup Fees

Eyebrow and eyeliner is done in two separate sessions to achieve the perfect result (4-6 wks apart)

Lips can take three sessions to achieve maximum color retention.

Eyebrows – $475 Soft fill or hair strokes (we will determine the best look for you in your consult)

Eyelash enhancement (filling in the space in between lashes, a very natural look that makes eyes stand out and lashes look thicker, with out looking “made up” You will generally not see much of a line on top of lid. $300each lid $550 for both.

Thick eyeliner – Some eyes because of the shape need a thicker line to be able to be seen with eye open. This always includes a lash enhancement as well. $350 top only $600 for the top and bottom.

Smudged or smoky eyeliner enhancement – This is done as a separate process after your liner is healed. Looks beautiful with a soft grey, green, smoky purple or brown to accentuate your eyes. – $250.00 top only $450top and bottom

Lip Liner – Outlining the lips looks best in a very natural shade. It will define lips that have faded, add fullness by going slight outside the natural vermilion border and soften those contour lines. Also will work well prior to fillers. – Liner only $500.00 (full lip color is recommended)

Full Lip color – Natural soft colors or bolder color, It is your preference! Lips are very vascular and can take several sessions to reach the desired level of color – $750

Corrective Procedure – There will be an extra charge to correct work previously done by another technician (determined at consultation)

Paramedical Procedures:

Aerola – $400 each (insurance may cover this procedure)

Scar revision/camouflage – $250 per hour

We at Advanced Aesthetics Surgery & Laser Center believe there should be nothing standing between you and your desire to achieve a fresh new you.