Permanent Makeup Overview

At the Spa at Advanced Aesthetics we offer permanent make up services.

We include:

  • Permanent brow pigmentation/solid fill and hairline strokes
  • Permanent lip and lip liner pigmentation
  • Permanent eye lash enhancement liner, eye liner, mucosal eyeliner
  • Areola Restoration
  • Scar camouflage techniques
  • Small tattoo removal

General Procedure Plan

Each of our clients goes through a complete Program for the services that include:

  • 1st client contact: Schedule a consultation (no charge) and administer patch test ($50 price is deducted off price of procedure) if client decides to proceed.
  • Schedule appt. at least 48 hours after patch test. At this time, we determine the style and general results the client desires. Take notes so that it will simplify color choices the day of appt. Also check for contraindication and possible physician consent. Take before picture if client wishes to proceed.
  • Day of appt. Client completes all consent forms and we photo copy their ID.
    • We have colors to test and reach confirmation with client. Check again for contraindications. While client is completing forms set up area per (area setup instructions)
    • Begin procedure
    • After procedure, give client written and verbal post procedure instructions as well as take home kit.
    • Schedule 6 week follow up appointment. Make sure they have our number as well as Brenda’s cell phone number in case any questions or concerns arise after hours. Take immediate after pictures.
    • Document all products and lot numbers of pigments, needle size and exact procedure performed. Also document results. Print and file pictures and add to client file.
  • 6 Week Follow up: Do any touch up needed. Let client know that any touch ups within two years will be ½ price. Exfoliation and sun exposure can lessen the duration of permanent makeup.

If you have been bothered by having to take time each morning to put on makeup and then worry about touch ups during the day, we invite you to investigate our Permanent makeup program, as an alternative. Call our office today to schedule a personalized consultation.

We at Advanced Aesthetics Surgery & Laser Center believe there should be nothing standing between you and your desire to achieve a fresh new you.