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I wanted to let Dr. Kurley and his staff know what a great experience I had during my 2 recent surgeries.

I was pretty apprehensive about having my first surgery which was an upper arm reduction. I was quickly put at ease by the smiles and warm welcome from the office staff. The nurse and Dr. Kurley answered all my questions and were very thorough with their evaluation of my health for surgery. I was, in fact, so impressed that I scheduled a tummy tuck that day as well.

All the staff at the office were extremely professional and the atmosphere calm and relaxing. My surgeries were not painless… but the pain was less than expected and didn’t last nearly as long as I thought!

The follow up care lasted a full year. I could hardly believe that the follow up visits are all included in the cost. My experience has been life changing! I couldn’t have asked for a better surgical team or facility. Thank you so much for making me better!!!

Patient underwent a tummy tuck procedure and an upper arm lift


Although I was already certain that I wanted to have a TT, I wasn’t sure how to go about choosing a doctor. After researching several sites and reading several online reviews, I decided to speak with Dr. Kurley at Advanced Aesthetics. My plan was originally to talk to Dr. Kurley and then find a second doctor to visit so that I could try to gauge who I felt most comfortable with and who could do what I wanted, however, I never got to a second doctor. From the first meeting with Dr. Kurley, he put me and my husband both at ease. I appreciated that he didn’t make promises that weren’t true (no ‘I can make you look like a model’ type promises), but stated clearly the facts that we needed to know about the surgery itself, as well as the recovery. He patiently answered all of our questions and did not act rushed or hurried during the consult. He reiterated what I already knew from all of my reading (that no amount of exercise and diet was going to help me get rid of the belly that having large children had resulted in), and he also shared his qualifications and his years of practice doing these procedures with little to no complications from his patients. We also loved the fact that he had his own ‘in-house’ operating room because I did NOT want to go to a hospital and have the extra expense of a hospital stay (not to mention the fact that much preferred the idea of sleeping in my own bed after surgery), so having the operating room right in the office was a definite plus for me! Everything about my first visit with Dr. Kurley instilled confidence that my surgery would turn out well.

The nurse was also excellent during the pre-op visit and before my surgery. During pre-op, she went over absolutely everything in a binder that was given to myself and my husband with questions and answers about expectations, the surgery and recovery. The day of the surgery, Dr. Kurley’s nurse helped to put me at ease and reassure me that all would be well. She explained everything thoroughly and made sure that I was comfortable. The anesthesiologist was also excellent (I have small veins and usually have trouble with IVs – he got it on the first try and it didn’t even hurt!!). In addition, the office staff has treated me with kindness and respect from day one. They are good about following up with reminders about appointments, and I’ve always felt welcomed during my visits.

I had absolutely no complications whatsoever from my surgery. In follow-up appointments since, Dr. Kurley has been very good about making sure that he answered any questions I had, and he is great at putting me at ease with assurances that the things I was feeling were normal aches and pains that would eventually go away.

Admittedly, a few days in to my recovery, I wondered what I had gotten myself into. I thought that perhaps I had been crazy for having done this because I was in more pain than I thought (that was just me being overly optimistic), but honestly, I would do it all over again because the results are amazing!! Two pants size smaller than before the TT (I haven’t been in pants this small since pre children) and feeling great at almost 8 weeks out!!

I would highly recommend Dr. Kurley for this procedure, and as a matter of fact, I’m now saving for my next surgery – which will be a much needed breast reduction/lift. When I went in for my original consultation, I asked the Dr. about doing both the TT and breast reduction/lift at the same time because I saw that many doctors perform ‘mommy makeovers’ where they do all-in-one type surgeries. He suggested that it’s best to do them separately and that he would never perform both at the same time. While part of me would have loved having both done at the same time, after hearing the doctor’s reasoning, my husband and I both had to agree that having separate surgeries is the best choice from a health standpoint. They are both long surgeries, and he pointed out that being under anesthesia for too long is not good on a person. Also, having someone perform basically two such long operations at the same time makes for a tired surgeon, and you don’t want a tired surgeon working on your body! I appreciated the candor and matter-of-fact comments from Dr. Kurley rather than someone who would just try to take the money without any regard to my health.

I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Kurley and his office staff. They did a phenomenal job, and I’ve never felt better about myself!!

Author was a 44 year old female who underwent a Tummy Tuck with flank liposuction

I was 5’1” with a DDD bra size, this procedure was something I had always wanted for myself but never knew who to go to, or when to do it. I was also very insecure about my breast size, and it was always very difficult to go shopping and find clothes that fit me. This was something I had trouble with for a long time. Finally the summer of 2014, a friend said she had gone to Dr. Kurley to have the same procedure done and said she highly recommended him. I set up a consultation and afterwards knew that I had picked the right person to perform my procedure. I went in the day of my surgery and felt very comfortable and knew I had made the right decision. Dr Kurley and his staff made sure I was very comfortable afterwards, and made sure they did everything they could to make me comfortable. The recovery went well and Dr. Kurley was very good at having follow up appointments and answering any questions I had. I went from a DDD cup to a C cup and could not be happier! Shopping for clothes is a lot more enjoyable, and my confidence has gone way up. I highly recommend Dr. Kurley and his staff!


A little over a year ago I had breast augmentation of which I chose the “Gummy Bears” and I can not say enough on how pleased I was and still am of the decision to do this procedure. The recovery was almost immediate, I was back at work the next day. Dr. Kurley was very informative and professional before surgery explaining the entire process in detail leaving me with no concerns of my decision and desire to have this procedure done. Having this procedure done not only has made a difference physical but mentally as well. I FEEL BEAUTIFUL EVERYDAY!

Author was a 50 year old female who had rapid recovery breast augmentation

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So you’re sitting in the waiting room, reading these letters, unsure of what to do. I’ll tell you my story and maybe that will help.

I was sitting in that same spot in February of 2012. How did I come to be there, waiting to see Dr. Kurley? In the spring of 2011, my youngest sister had a tummy tuck. She had been heavy most of her adult life. She had gone to a weight loss clinic and once she reached her ideal weight, she realized that she would never lose the belly and loose skin. After her surgery, I could see what a difference it made in her appearance.

In February, 2012, I looked at web sights and decided to see Dr. Kurley. I planned to see about something noninvasive. After my appointment, I thought I would just have to live with my belly. I never intended to have liposuction. My husband was very supportive and said he was OK with whatever I decided.

Four days later I called to set up a pre-op. I needed to move quickly since I had reservations to go out west with my sister to see my son. The office worked very hard to schedule my surgery so I would be able to travel.

The big day arrived. I was apprehensive and txt my sister. “When you were about to do this, did you wonder if you were crazy.” I ask? “O, believe me, I did!” was her reply. “But I have never regretted doing it”.

Everyone was very caring as I prepared for surgery. Dr. Kurley and everyone assured me that I would be fine. They needed to reassure my husband as well. And then, I was waking up. I hardly remember the trip to the hotel. Once there, my husband said he could see a difference already, even with the swelling. The discomfort was minimal. Next morning, I returned to the office for my first post-op visit.

One week later, another office visit. All was going well. Dr. Kurley encouraged me to begin exercising and gave me other instructions to reduce the swelling. I took his words to heart and went home determined to do my best.

As the days turned into weeks, as I exercised and followed Dr. Kurley’s instructions, I could see my body changing. By the time I arrived at my son’s home, my pants were getting very loose. My sis, who has been my cheerleader, teased me about my baggy pants. We had a wonderful time together.

Now it is three months later, and I have lost 13 pounds. I am wearing pants two sizes smaller that I did before. I love the way I look and so does my husband. I love trying on clothes. OH and Good Will has received quite a few donations of clothes I can no longer wear.

On my first visit, did I plan to do this? No, it hadn’t even crossed my mind. Do I have any regrets? Not one!

Dr. Kurley and all his staff are so caring, thoughtful and kind. I never doubted that I was in very good hands. My results were much better then I ever expected. Dr. Kurley is gifted at what he does.

I hope this helps you as you are making a decision. Maybe someday I will see you at a department store. You’ll be looking in the three-way mirror as you try on something new. I’ll know it’s you by that look on your face. Your smile will be saying, “Is this really me”?



It has been over a year and a half since I have had my tummy tuck and breast lift done by Dr. James Kurley, and I am still amazed at my new body.
To recap, at the time of surgery, September 30th 2009, I was 45 years old and a mother of two. I was finally taking time for me and getting into shape. I lost 25lbs and have excess belly skin and droopy breasts. I was ready for a "mommy update".
I can’t tell you how exciting it is to go shopping for clothes and not have to choose a larger size to accommodate the excess belly skin and love handles. I have gone from a 12-14 size pre-surgery to an 8-10 a year and a half later. And to wear a true bra size is also amazing. I can walk into a store and buy the new styles right off the rack. And no more compression garments to hold everything in! So empowering!
I even love wearing bikinis on my beach vacations. I still have some stretch marks but they are not as bothersome as they used to be. With my tummy being firmer and flatter the stretch marks are less noticeable.
The surgery was just the beginning. It is now up to me to keep these changes continuing. While I am enjoying my new body, this is still a work in progress and requires maintenance. But the enjoyment of showing off my new slim physique and getting lots of compliments on how I look motivates me to continue with the diet and exercise.
If this is the surgery that you are choosing, I can’t tell you how much it will change your life. The amount of overall confidence is amazing. You have to be willing to work to maintain your new body and you will enjoy it for many years. The changes may come slowly but surprisingly amazing when you notice them. Even 19 months later for me I love to try on clothes and see the huge changes that my body continues to go through.
I’m sure you have seen advertisements focusing on the 20 something generation for plastic surgery and you may feel this is misleading to the older, more mature generation. I can tell you that at 46 years old and having my life half over I am extremely happy with the changes I have made to my body. As much as I would love to take off 20 years of physical appearance I don’t want to miss out on those 20 years of maturity. With age comes power.
Enjoy your new sexy body, I know I am!

Dear. Dr Kurley

I wanted to drop you a line and thank you again for helping me with my tummy tuck and liposuction. It’s been 6 months now and I can really see a difference in my appearance and in my healing. I was initially concerned about the incision scar as it seemed like it wasn’t fading. However, 6 months later, most of it has faded to a thin white line. I look forward to all of the fading in the next 6 months. I think the hardest part, for me, is being patient with the healing process. I’m doing my part by being more mindful of what I eat and went from a size 14 to a size 10. I’m thrilled that clothing fits me better and that I don’t have the "apron" in my lower tummy. I love my kids, but certainly didn’t love the excess skin that 4 pregnancies left behind. Thanks again for your support in helping me look and feel my best.


To the wonderful staff at Advanced Aesthetics

Thank you for your kindness and enthusiasm with my surgery in February. Everyone was very caring and thorough. If surgery could ever be considered “FUN”, you have accomplished it!!!

Everyone was very excited about our upcoming wedding and my fiancé was very happy that Dr. Kurley let him be involved.

Thank you all again. I have/will continue to recommend “your team”

Fantastic Job!

Dr. Kurley and Staff,

I wanted to thank everyone at Dr. Kurley’s office for making my surgery a comfortable and amazing experience. From the first consultation, I felt at ease and very confident with my decision to have surgery at your office. Dr. Kurley – you are amazing! I am so happy with my results!! Terri was very pleasant and informative and I felt I could ask her anything!!!

Thanks again to everyone that made my experience better than I ever hoped for.

Dr. Kurley,

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you again for doing such a great job with my breast implants. I put a considerable amount of time into making the decision to have the procedure (actually, one year) and when I finally decided to do it, I wanted it done NOW. You and your staff met with me on May 8 and after having the pre-op on May 10 and surgery on May 16, I am writing to you following my one-week exam.

I am writing to you as a very grateful and happy patient. The entire experience has been a good one. Your staff is incredibly friendly and knowledgeable and with what could be a touchy subject, made me feel comfortable and at ease. I especially appreciated Terry and Melissa’s personal attention to my uneasiness and frank answers to my endless questions. While they are both extremely professional, they have a special talent for making patients feel special.
You are obviously a very skilled professional who takes pride in his work. I am very happy with the results of my procedure and wanted to thank you again.

I hope your summer is a good one and when you decide you’re ready to run again, I’ll see you at a local race.

Take care.

I am 37 years old, and after gaining weight and having 2 children, I was very unhappy with my body. In the past year I started working out and losing weight and lost a total of 45 pounds. Although I couldn’t have been more pleased with my weight loss, it left my abdomen area skin hanging, lose and ugly. No matter what I did to try to tighten my stomach, nothing seemed to work. One day I was talking to a friend that had a tummy tuck procedure preformed in Champaign at Dr. Kurley’s office and was extremely happy with her results. I was very skeptical because of unpleasant past experiences with other plastic surgeons. I found the plastic surgeons that I have consulted with, and actually had a procedure done in the past, to be very pretentious and made me feel like I was actually bothering them to ask questions or voice concerns. However, my friend asked me to at least have a consultation with Dr. Kurley. Wow, am I glad I did. It literally changed my life.

Upon meeting Dr. Kurley and his staff I knew right away that I was going to make the decision to have a tummy tuck procedure at his practice. I found his staff to be some of the friendliest and caring people I have ever encountered in a physician’s office. Barb was my recovery nurse, and I don’t know what my husband and I would have done without her the day of my surgery. She was sincerely concerned with my well being that day and couldn’t have taken better care of me. Also, I was very impressed with his assistant Terri who answered so many questions each time I came to the office or called on the phone. His staff always took the time and never seemed bothered by whatever my concerns had been, which is opposite of the experience I had previously with other offices. Upon each of my check-ups, Dr. Kurley seemed to be just as happy as I was with my recovery and results – and let me tell you about my results.

This surgery exceeded all expectations that I had hoped for. I started in 2006 a size 12; however, by working out and losing weight previously, I was between a size 8 and 10 going into surgery. My hopes for my results of a tummy tuck would be to get rid of the hanging abdomen area and maybe be a constant size 8. After full recovery, I’m thrilled to say I am a size 4 and have never had so many compliments in my entire life. I feel like a completely different person with my body’s new look and have never been more pleased that I chose Dr. Kurley and his staff. Thank you!!!

Dear Dr. Kurley,

I just wanted to let you know how very happy I am with the results of my silicone gel breast augmentation. I appreciate the excellent care that I received from you and your staff the day of surgery and all subsequent follow-up visits. You and your staff were very professional which added to my comfort and peace of mind as I made the decision to have this elective surgery.

I would highly recommend others to consider using your services for breast augmentation.

Dr. Kurley, Barbara, Terry, Mary & Nicole,

I wanted to take a moment to send a note of thanks to you all for taking such good care of me!
Dr. Kurley, Thanks so much for taking care of my “bags”, and adding some youth back into my looks. Also thanks to you for adding some life to my chest area! I am so happy with the results! Your workmanship is awesome! John thanks you, too!

Barbara and Terry, thank you for all your help and for taking such good care of me! You both have such a caring heart and that made me feel so at ease when I came for my surgeries. You showed such professionalism but most of all you showed a kind heart that made me feel more like a friend to you than a patient. Thanks so much!
Nicole and Mary, thanks to you for your smile and kind words each time I walked through the door, you made me feel so comfortable, and thanks for taking such good care of John while I was in Surgery.

Again, we want to thank you all for making everything go well for us!

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