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Glowbiotics MD

Introducing Glowbiotics MD (formerly known as mybody)


Medical grade skincare, skin compatible formulations

What it is

A collection of clinical skincare regimens tailored to your skin’s specific needs. Are you listening? Your skin is talking. From photo damage and wrinkles to sensitivity and acne breakouts, your skin’s appearance is an outer manifestation of what’s happening below the surface. A breakthrough in medical skincare, Glowbiotics MD addresses the source of skincare issues, targeting and reversing outward signs of damage, irritation and signs of age to ultimately achieve and maintain balance. With an emphasis on proven, programmatic skincare in the categories of aging, acne, and sensitive skin, Glowbiotics MD is designed to improve a host of skin conditions without injuring the skin to trigger a reaction. The breakthrough collection is available through Dr. Kurley – empowering women to talk to the experts to whom they entrust their body about their skincare needs for safe, effective and personalized solutions.

Recognizing a need in the industry for serious, clinical skincare that’s also relatable, user-friendly, and beautiful, Theresa Clark, Christine Watson, and David Watson, whose previous successes include Philosophy and Biomedic, Glowbiotics MD products are formulated with select active ingredients that are in tune with the body to reawaken its own youthful skin processes maintaining healthy skin for life.

Glowbiotics MD addresses the source of skin issues by harnessing the science of biomimetics, adapting biological designs from nature into improved technologies that enhance natural body functions that are diminished with age. To address the complete spectrum of skin’s changing needs, Glowbiotics MD offers skincare options ranging from targeted, intensive treatments to gentle maintenance courses – consistently delivering maximum benefits with minimum irritation. Designed to address serious skincare issues, the brands advanced treatment products offer potent combinations of tried and true clinical grade ingredients and breakthrough proprietary complexes like Glowbiotics MD Biomimetic Peptides, which influence gene activity to enable older cells to mimic their youthful counter parts. The less intensive maintenance products are formulated exclusively with biomimetic technologies the body recognizes, strengthening the skin with essential building blocks needed to help heal and protect itself. Every Glowbiotics MD product is formulated without parabens or xenoestrogens and were tested on real people, not animals.

Dr. Kurley and the skin care specialist at Advanced Aesthetics Surgery & Laser Center schedule consultations and treatments with patients Monday through Friday. Call 217-356-3850 to schedule an appointment.

Glowbiotics MD Products are available at Advanced Aesthetics:

ANTI-AGING PROGRAM: For patients experiencing first fine lines as well as for advanced signs of aging

  1. PROBIOTIC REVITALIZING CLEANSER – Revitalizing Foaming Cleanser
  2. A-TEAM – Age Reversal Retexturizing Retinol Treatment
  3. FUTURE IS BRIGHT – Probiotic Brightening Renewal Lotion

ACNE PROGRAM: For patients experiencing mild to moderate breakouts or for maintenance/preventing future breakouts.

  2. LET ME CLARIFY – Acne Clarifying and Refining Treatment 2% Salicylic Acid
  3. LET ME CLARIFY LOTION – Probiotic Rebalancing Oil Absorbing Lotion

SENSITIVE PROGRAM: For patients prone to redness and irritation

  2. CALM AFTER THE STORM – Calming Recovery treatment
  3. CALM AFTER THE STORM LOTION – Gentle probiotic hydrating lotion

Each regimen may be further customized with the following targeted treatment products; some formulated for multiple skin types:

  1. MY HERO – Triple Action Age Reversal Serum
  2. SLEDGEHAMMER – Intensive skin lightener for more severe hyperpigmentation (4% hydroquinone)
  3. BRIGHTAMIN-C – Advanced Vitamin C brightening serum for dull lackluster skin
  4. YOUTH OVERNIGHT – Probiotic Multi-Brightening Anti-Aging Cream for excessive dryness or post-procedure care
  5. A-TEAM EYE – Intensive Retinol Age Reversal Eye Cream for dark under eye circles, puffiness and crow’s feet

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