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How to Choose your MediSpa

The idea of choosing your skin care or spa professional to suit the needs you are now faced with can pose a huge problem, especially when you compare what is available now versus 20 years ago. The vast number of lotions, potions, and clever antiaging marketing schemes seem limitless and sometimes overwhelmingly confusing. Instead of looking for a new brand, look for a new skin care provider. Of course, the brand you choose is important, but despite the vast array of products available these days, many skin care brands just do not stack up. Sometimes they’re just not right for you, or you didn’t get the right advice in the first place.

Before you go out and spend money on promises that can’t be kept, get a consultation with a skin care professional. Not just any old five-minute consult. A full consultation which includes a skin diagnosis. This is where you will really find out about your skin and the best skin care brand for you and anything else that may be available to improve your skin quality and appearance.

Here are the 6 questions or tips to ensure that you are at the right facility.

What is the background of the physician who is going to be either providing or supervising my care?

I do believe that the supervisory physician, or the physician providing services, should be a board certified plastic surgeon who focuses on cosmetic or aesthetic surgery and Medispa services. This assures you that you are in the care of someone who is both well-qualified to provide the services and he or she also focuses on this type of care. Accept no substitutes since you deserve the most qualified provider possible.

Is the physician on-site to supervise if services are provided by someone other than the physician?

It is important for you to have access to the person with the most experience. This assures that you are receiving the expertise you deserve. Not all board certifications are created equal, nor do they necessarily relate to the type of care you are seeking. This individual should be readily available to address concerns if they arise.

How long has the physician supervising your care been providing this type of service? In other words, are the services being provided new to them?

This is a very important factor, since experience matters. Just because a physician has been in practice for some time, does not necessarily mean that they have provided the type of care you are currently seeking.

Also remember, a service that is new and popular is not necessarily better than a service that has a proven track record. For example, there are many new, noninvasive forms of therapy that are not necessarily more effective than established methods for achieving the same goal such as skin tightening or fat reduction.

Who will be performing my treatment?

It is true that many simple skin care treatments can be delegated by the physician to other providers. This is true in situations such as skin care and laser hair removal. However, the use of Botox and injectable fillers such as Juvederm is a skill set that is learned over time. You only have one face and you should place your care in the most experienced hands. Ask how many years of experience the physician has been utilizing both Botox and injectable fillers.

Most people are not aware that injectable fillers are not considered drugs by the FDA. They are actually in the category of implantable medical devices. Ask yourself, would I allow someone other than a physician to place my breast implants or replace my hip? If the answer is no, then you should place your facial Botox and filler treatments in the hands of a skilled physician, no one else. Also remember, that a board certified plastic surgeon has the capabilities to provide more extensive care and gets to see the anatomy first hand when performing more complex processes such as facelift, forehead lift, and blepharoplasty (eyelid lift).

Will other options be discussed and explored?

This is very important. Not everyone is a candidate for simple skin care treatments, Botox, fillers, or noninvasive skin tightening machines. It is important for you to get an honest, experienced appraisal of your personal situation. If the individual providing your care does not have the capability to take you to the next level if needed, you may be told that Botox and fillers will be a reasonable course of action when that may not be the case.

The same applies with the use of noninvasive methods for fat reduction and skin tightening. You need to be certain that the procedure being utilized will actually be beneficial for you. Not everyone is a good candidate for the less invasive measures.

Why is all of this important?

All of these factors are important to assure you receive the best care possible. You deserve to have your services provided either by someone with 28 years of experience or someone who is being supervised by someone with 28 years of experience with excellence in cosmetic care. There is no substitute for experience. Our office has 22 years of experience utilizing Botox and 30 years of experience using injectable fillers.

This office was the first in the area to begin performing micro-peels in 1992. We were again the first to provide laser hair removal in 1998 and continue to provide high-quality care regarding this process. We were also the first to begin utilizing nonsurgical measures for management of cellulite and skin tightening in 1998. We have recently added the latest method for skin care, microneedling that includes the application of the appropriate solutions for your individual concerns. These are just a few examples of how we have taken a leadership role in the management of your skin care. Additionally, our office has the capability to take you to the next level if that is necessary. We are here to help you achieve the image you deserve!

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