Plastic Surgery FAQs Champaign

What is Thermage?  
Play MP3 Does Thermage help with Cellulite?  
Play MP3 What can be used along with Thermage to get the best results?  
Play MP3 Why should I use fillers with Thermage?  
Play MP3 How long do the effects of Thermage last?  
Play MP3 What can you expect with Thermage? Is there discomfort?  
Play MP3 How much time should I expect it will take for the full effects of my Thermage?  
Play MP3 Who benefits most from Thermage?  
Play MP3 The Brava System, your guarantee and the equipment?  
Play MP3 Interview of the recovery nurse  
Description of the AAAASF (American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory
Surgery Facilities, Inc)
Hospital versus Certified Ambulatory Facility  
What should you anticipate on surgery day  
Rapid Recovery Breast Enhancement  
How do I plan my consultation?  
Dr Kurley explains that your motivation is important in making your decision  
How does Dr. Kurley’s technique differ from other surgeons  

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