Experiencing sudden eyelash loss can be scary to see. Losing your eyelashes can be incredibly unpleasant, as it can dramatically change your entire look. The eyelashes help give you a more bold and defined look, but without them, your face will look a bit off.

Eyelash loss can occur due to multiple reasons:

• Allergy to cosmetics
• Side-effects of medication
• Bacterial infections
• Hormonal changes in the body
• Excessive stress
• Exposure to pollution
• Physiological conditions like thyroid problems or alopecia areata
• Psychological disorders like Trichotillomania
• Side effect of chemotherapy

While eyelash loss may appear serious, it is actually an easily-manageable condition. With the right medication, you can stop your eyelashes from falling out and stimulate the growth of healthy and long eyelashes.

Latisse – A Surefire Way Of Stopping Eyelash Loss

Latisse is an FDA-approved eye drop that was developed from af glaucoma drug (Bimatoprost). It has been formulated to specifically target and rectify eyelash loss. Sold only through prescription, Latisse has been shown to improve eyelash growth and eyelash strengthening in users.

The chemicals in Latisse activate the inactive eyelashes and stimulate the growth of eyelashes by lengthening their growth phase and shortening their rest phase. They effectively treat damaged or dead eyelash follicles and promote the growth of healthy follicles.

Using Latisse once a day, can help you keep your eyelashes strong and healthy, while experiencing lesser eyelash loss. Once you start using Latisse regularly, you’ll also notice how thick and dark your eyelashes are. Patients who use Latisse often compare the results to eyelashes that are coated with mascara.

The Latisse product comprises of a 5ml bottle of the liquid serum and a pack of 140 applicators.

How To Apply Latisse?

Start by removing your contacts, taking-off your make-up, and washing your face. Next, take out a single applicator from the pack and hold it horizontally between your fingers. Pour a single drop of the Latisse serum on the top-side of the applicator.

Now draw the applicator gently on the skin of one eyelid, where your eyelashes sprout. Start from the inside of the eyelid and move the applicator towards the outside edge. Do not apply the Latisse on your bottom lashes. Blinking will allow it to spread appropriately to the bottom eyelid.

Dab-away the excess Latisse solution from your eyes and face using a tissue and discard the used applicator. Take out a new applicator from the pack and repeat the process for the other eye.

Remember that Latisse is medically-proven to stimulate hair growth. So don’t use the liquid serum anywhere other than the eyelashes, as it may lead to hair growth in unwanted places.

Remove the excess serum immediately and clean your face thoroughly. The Latisse offers the best results if you use it every day continuously for the duration of your prescription. Use the liquid serum only once each day and no more.

Latisse can also be used to treat chemotherapy eyelash loss. However, since most insurance providers consider this a cosmetic treatment, you may not get coverage for it.

The Latisse treatment begins to show results in a few weeks. You will start to notice a reduction in lash loss from Week 4, but you’ll notice longer, stronger and darker eyelashes over the course of time as you continue to use it..

Interested In Using Latisse?

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