Not everyone is blessed with perfectly contoured thighs. Are you self-conscious about the excess fat and loose skin on your upper legs? Getting toned and chiseled-looking thighs is easy with the help of a thighplasty surgery.

For some people, the thighs are a problematic zone of unwanted fat accumulation. Even for people who have suddenly lost weight, the thighs may have been left with sagging skin and pockets of excess fat.

Thighplasty is a plastic-surgery procedure that provides better definition to sagging thighs. With this option, you can wear all your favorite skirts and jeans without worrying about bulging in your thigh region.

The Benefits of Thighplasty

A thighplasty involves removal of excess fat and excess skin from the thighs, which helps to tighten the region and address sagging. Here are some of the benefits of thighplasty:

Targeted Fat Removal: Thigh lifts are very helpful for people who are finding it difficult to shed stubborn fat in the thigh region through dieting and exercise routines. While workout routines can create overall weight loss, they cannot achieve targeted fat removal. Only surgical procedures can accomplish this.

A Better Bikini Body: Obtaining a contoured bikini-ready figure is one of the biggest perks of choosing a thigh lift. Shapelier thighs can go a long way towards an overall more sculpted look.

Customized Results: Thighplasty is a fully customizable procedure. Doctor Kurley curates the techniques depending on the fat profile of the patient and adds additional steps as needed. Sometimes people visit their surgeon after experiencing dramatic weight loss and have a sagging skin problem. This can also be corrected. You will talk to Dr. Kurley about what your requirements are and the thighplasty procedure will then be used to achieve the major or minor changes you desire.

No More Thigh Chafing: People with large thighs often suffer from skin chafing due to the thighs rubbing together while walking. This can be a huge problem, especially during the warmer months, and it can lead to skin irritation. With a thighplasty, you can wear shorts without having to deal with chafing.

A Faster and Safer Recovery: Given the advanced techniques and tools available today to perform a thigh-lift procedure, precise complication-free corrections and quicker recovery periods are possible. It will be important to follow Dr. Kurley’s post-surgical care instructions as closely as possible. This may mean taking some time off of work and wearing supportive elastic garments on the thighs.

This is a treatment procedure that delivers permanent results. Dr. Kurley recommends that patients stabilize their weight and start following a healthy lifestyle before the procedure. If you stick to Dr. Kurley’s instructions about diet and fitness before and after the surgery, you can maintain slim and toned thighs for years to come.

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